2004 Oct – Dec

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2004 Contents 01-Contents
2004 Drought and Household Coping Strategies:A Case of Rajasthan 02-Rathore
2004 Constraints on Smallholder Credit Investment in the Farm:A Case Study of Tea Farming in South-Kisii District of Kenya 03-Ombuki
2004 Utilisation of Agricultural Input Subsidies by Scheduled Caste vis-à-vis Non-Scheduled Caste Farmers in Haryana 04-Usha
2004 Wheat Production and Sustainability in Punjab:Growth and Varietal Diversity† 05-Karamsingh
2004 Post-Harvest Loss and Its Impact on Marketing Cost,Margin and Efficiency: A Study on Grapes in Karnataka 06-Sreenivasa Murthy
2004 Access to Rural Non- Farm Economic Activities: Results from a Field Study Sri Lanka 07-premaratne
2004 Trend Analysis in Area, Production, Productivityand Price Behaviour of Cardamom in Kerala 08-Varghese
2004 Yield Gaps, Production Losses and Technical Efficiency ofSelected Groups of Fish Farmers in Bangladesh 09-L.A ara
2004 Employment and Environmental Aspects of Jute 10-Kamal Ray
2004 Determinants of Private Investment in Iranian Agricultural Sector 11-Torkamani
2004 Book Reviews 12-Book Reviews
2004 Publications Received 13-Publ.Recd
2004 Ph.D. Theses in Agricultural Economics Completed in Universities in India: 2002-2004 14-Phd thesis
2004 Abstract of Ph.D Thesis in Agricultural Economics 15-Abstract
2004 Index to Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 59, 2004 16-Index to IJAE-2004

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