2020- Apr-June

Year Title Download
2020 01-R-first Cover 01-R-first Cover
2020 02-R-2nd Cover – AIMS & Objectives – 2020 02-AIMS & Objectives
2020 04-R-List of Members of RPC & EB – 2020 03-APRIL-JUNE ISSUE
2020 05-R-ISAE Fellows-announcement 04-R-List of Members
2020 Financial Performance of Major and Medium Irrigation Projects in India – Some Issues 06-R-Apurba Kumar Chattopadhyay
2020 Price Volatility of Black Pepper in Kerala: Could Institutional Mechanism such as Contract Agreement be a Solution? 07-R-Sachu Sara Sabu final
2020 Effect of Climate Variability on Yields of Major Crops Grown in Odisha, India 08-R-AK Senapati- corrected
2020 Forecasting of Onion Prices in Bangalore Market: An Application of Time Series Models 09-R-Mulla Areef Final
2020 10-R-Book Reivew – April-June 2020 10-R-Book Reivew – April-June 2020
2020 11-R-Publications received-April-June 2020 11-R-Publications received
2020 12-R-DOCUMENTATION-2020 Final 12-R-DOCUMENTATION-2020 Final
2020 13-R-DOCUMENTATION-ordinance -final 13-DOCUMENTATION-ordinance
2020 14-R-Suggestive outlines-April_june 2020 14-R-Suggestive outlines
2020 15-R-Obituary-Dr Vaidyanathan 15-R-Obituary-Dr Vaidyanathan
2020 16-R-Advt-Journal of Rural Development Journal of Rural Development
2020 17-R-Advt APJORD 17-R-Advt APJORD
2020 18-R-ISAE Fellows – past fellows 18-R-ISAE Fellows – past fellows
2020 19-R-srsen-RC Agarwal announcement 19-R-srsen-RC Agarwal announcement
2020 20-R-Announcing – PHD 20-R-Announcing – PHD
2020 21-R-List of past Office Bearers 21-R-List of past Office Bearers
2020 22-R-Form IV-Statement of Ownership – new final 22-R-Form IV-Statement of Ownership
2020 23-R-Inside back cover – GUIDELINE 23-R-Inside back cover – GUIDELINE
2020 24-R-Back Cover 24-R-Back Cover

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