Article No                                                           Title Download/Author
01 Evolution of Agribusiness Incubation Ecosystem in NARES for Promoting Agri-Entrepreneurship 01-Subash
02 National Agricultural Market: Present Status, Challenges and Way Forward 02-Shalendra
03 Institutional Innovations for Smallholder Development: A Case Study of Agri-Franchising in Bihar 03-Sukhpal Singh
04 Contract Farming and Indian Agriculture: Can Agribusiness Help the Small Farmer? 04-Braja Bandhu S
05 Assessment of Risk Due to Exposure to Drought: A Study of Farm Households of Nagaland 05-SM Feroze
06 Status and Determinants of Livestock Insurance in India: A Micro Level Evidence from Haryana and Rajasthan 06-Anjani Kumar
07 Constraints in Cotton Cultivation: Cost Issues and Options for Income Increments 07-Balaji SJ
08 Profit Efficiency Among Jhum Practicing Tribal People of Mizoram State 08-Lalrinsangpuii
09 Linking Bank Credit with Farm Net Income: A Study in the North Bank Plains Zone of Assam 09-RN Barman
10 Farmers’ Income: Trend and Strategies for Doubling 10-KJS Satyasai

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