Article No                                                           Title Download/Author
01 Dynamics of Input Use Efficiency in Selected Crops Cultivation in India: A Temporal and Spatial Analysis 01-A Narayanamoorthy
02 How Inclusive and Effective are Farm Machinery Rental Services in India? Case Studies from Punjab 02-Sukhpal Singh
03 Costs and Benefits of Collective Action: An Economic Inquiry into Canal Water Institutions in Kerala 03-AR Durga
04 Role of Private Investment in Groundwater Irrigation and Emerging Changes in Seasonal Land Leasing Contract during Boro Rice Cultivation in West Bengal Since 1990s: An Application of Game Theory 04-Prosenjit Mukherjee
05 Livestock Holdings and Informal Contract Arrangements: A Case Study of Haryana 05-Devesh Birwal
06 Analysing Farm Profitability and Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Supply Chain for Grapes in Maharashtra 06-Deepak Shah
07 Does ‘Space’ Have a Say on Agricultural Households’ Income Choices? 07-SJ Balaji
08 Changing Consumption Pattern of Agricultural Commodities in Uttar Pradesh: An Inter Regional Analysis 08-Rooba Hasan
09 Vulnerability of Tribal Rural Households in India: Measuring the Current Status, Risks of Climate Shocks and Impact of Potential Interventions for Improving Rural Livelihoods 09-Kamal Vatta
10 Risks in Rainfed Agriculture and Farmers’ Adaptation Practices: A Case of Cotton Farmers of Maharashtra 10-A Suresh
11 Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change in Andhra Pradesh 11-CA Ramarao
12 Natural Calamities, Crop Losses and Coping Strategies: An Economic Analysis from Odisha 12-Anchal Arora
13 Regional Dimensions in Crisis of Agriculture: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh 13-Khursheed Ahmad
14 Participation Behaviour of Dairy Farmers in Dairy Co-operative Societies in Manipur: A Double Hurdle Approach 14-Laishram Priscilla
15 Agricultural Growth, Disadvantaged Regions and Social Groups: Some Evidences from Madhya Pradesh 15-Elumalai Kannan
16 Adaptation to Climate Change and Factors Affecting It in Assam 16-Ratul mahanta
17 Disadvantaged Mountain Farmers of Gurez Valley in Kashmir: Issues of Livelihood, Vulnerability, Externality and Sustainability 17-FA Shaheen

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