Article No                                                           Title Download/Author
01 Enhancing Inputs Use Effectively through Resource Conservation Technologies : Empirical Evidences from different Agro-Climatic Zones of Uttar Pradesh 01-OP Singh
02 Quantifying Role of Disembodied Technologies in Enhancing Farm Income : A Case of Dibbiling Method of Redgram Cultivation in Kalaburgi District of Northern Karnataka 02-KS Aditya
03 Inclusiveness, Technology and Profitability in Supermarkets : SUR Model Results from Semi-Arid Region 03-N chandrasekhara Rao
04 Price Gap between Producers and Consumers of Ginger: Empirical Evidence from North Eastern Hill Region 04-Ram Singh
05 Divergence of Prices and Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Supply Chain for Onion in Maharashtra: A Variety-wise Analysis 05-Deepak Shah
06 Does APMC Market Increase Farmer’s Income? Evidence from Value Chain Analysis of Sweet Potato in Karnataka 06-Prakash P
07 Sustainability of Farmer Producer Organisations under Agricultural Value Networks in India: A Case of Punjab and Gujarat 07-Kamal Vatta
08 Willingness to Pay for Participation in Community-Based Programme: A Case of Seed Self-Help Group in Uttar Pradesh 08-SP subash
09 Performance of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) in Different Regions of Chattisgarh State : A Case Study 09-Sanjay Joshi

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