Article No                                                           Title Download/Author
01 What Influences Adoption and Use Intensity of Artificial Insemination Technology among Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Assam? A Double Hurdle Approach 01-Baban Bayan
02 Rural Livelihood Diversity in Jammu and Kashmir: Patterns,  Processes and Determinants 02-Rajeev Sharma
03 Economic Impact of Custom Hiring Service Centres in Maize Cultivation: A Case Study from Karnataka 03-Kiran Kumar Patil
04 Total Factor Productivity in Indian Agriculture 04-K Shanmugan
05 Analysing Bank Productivity Using Malmquist Approach: A Case of Karnataka and Undivided Andhra Pradesh Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) 05-B Vedam
06 Economic Viability of G.M. Crops in India: A Comparative Study between G. M. Cotton and Non-G.M. Cotton in Punjab 06-MD Farhan

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