Jan-Mar 2021

Article No                                                           Title Download/Author
1 INAUGURAL ADDRESS-Agricultural Resurgence in Post-COVID Era: The Role of Institutions, Non-Farm Sector and Rural Infrastructure 01-GR Chintala
2 PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS-Indian Agriculture at a Critical Crossroad: Change and Transformation Needed for a Brighter Future* 02-Vasant Gandhi
3 KEYNOTE PAPER -Institutions, Supply Chains and Resource Management for Agricultural Development* 03-Suresh Pal
4 KEYNOTE PAPER -Employment of the Rural Labour Force in India – The Current Trends and Future Prospects* 04-R Bedamatta
5 KEYNOTE PAPER -Agricultural Trade with Special Reference to Plantation Crops and International Trade Agreements* 05-Gopal Naik
6 KEYNOTE PAPER -Whether Source of Irrigation Make Difference in Technical Efficiency of Wheat Growers in Canal Command Areas? A
Stochastic Frontier Approach
06-Subhash Chand
7 KEYNOTE PAPER -Total Factor Productivity of Livestock Sector in Gujarat: Evidence of Technological Changes and Sustainable Growth of Livestock Sector 07-Pushpa Yadav

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