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Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics : Until 1945, the Society published an annual volume which contained the papers and proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Society. From 1946, a second number was brought out devoted to the findings of research in agricultural economics in India . In 1956, it was converted into a quarterly. One issue in each calendar year is published as the Conference Number containing the papers and proceedings of the Conference. The Journal has gained recognition for its high standard in the academic world. The Journal completed fifty years of its publication in 1995. The Society in commemoration of this event, brought out the Golden Jubilee Number of the Journal in the first half of 1996, which carried invited articles from senior agricultural economists in India.

Research Studies and Publications : Since the inception of the Society, 46 research studies have been completed. Out of these, 24 studies were carried out directly by the Society and the rest were supervised by it. The studies undertaken by the Society may be broadly grouped under the following heads; (a) General Studies pertaining to the Indian Rural Economy, (b) Intensive Village Studies, (c) Topical and Regional Studies, (d) Problem-specific Studies on Co-operation, Rural Administration, Land Reform, (e) Readings and (f) Other Studies.

The publication by the Society of the first book: The Indian Rural Problem by Sir Manilal B. Nanavati and Professor J.J. Anjaria which ran into seven editions and of a large number of problem-oriented studies and readings in Agricultural Economics made the best writings on the subject available to the teachers, researchers and students. This was a pioneering work and gave a boost to research in agricultural economics and agrarian problems of India . The studies on the problems of low income farmers and the critical economic appraisal – as distinct from statistical and audit reports – of the co-operative movement conducted by the Society gave a new lead to studies in economics of co-operation. Some of these studies were sponsored and financed by the Research Programmes Committee of the Planning Commission, Government of India.

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