Indian Agricultural Economy during Pre-Green Revolution Era (1940 to 1965) – Volume I,II,III


The Society has published four publications:
1.Indian Agricultural Economy during Pre-Green Revolution Era (1940 to 1965) – Volume I, Price Rs. 1295.00
2.Indian Agricultural Economy under Green Revolution (1966 to 1990) – Volume II, Price Rs. 1595.00
3.Indian Agricultural Economy under Liberalized Regime (1991-2015) – Volume III, Price Rs. 1895.00

These three volumes are a part of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Society in 2015. Each volume is a part of the three volume compilation of 74 Presidential Addresses of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE) starting from 1940 to 2015to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee year (2015). Each volume carries Introduction by three eminent economists: Prof. V.S. Vyas (Vol. 1), Prof. S.S. Johl (Vol. 2) andProf. Abhijit Sen (Vol. 3). These introductions have not only added tremendous value to the volumes, but also provide a brief understanding of what is in the volumes. The knowledge system covered in the addresses, their interpretation, understanding of issues andprofound policy analyses andrecommendations made would be found very valuable by the students, teachers andresearchers in agricultural economics besides other stakeholders in agriculture. These volumes will be great reference source for those engaged in the study of agricultural economics.

4.Vicissitudes of Indian Agriculture in a Growing Economy – Challenges, Strategies andthe Way Forward” edited by C. Ramasamy andK.R. Ashok. Price Rs. 1495.00

This edited volume was one of the significant activities planned andorganized as part of the Platinum Jubilee (2015) Conference of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE). Comprising 28 chapter including introduction, it presents scholarly works describing the Vicissitudes andstructural crisis which Indian agriculture is subject to in the recent times andlikely to encounter in the future – both in the short andthe long run. The chapters are categorised into six broad development issues, namely (i) Structural Transformation of Agricultural Sector, (ii) Issues related to Agricultural Growth, (iii) Agricultural Policy andInstitutions, (iv) Food Security Issues, (v) Agricultural Markets andPrices and(vi) Natural Resources Management for Agriculture. The array of topics covered in the volume would be found very useful by the researchers, students, teachers, scholars, policy makers besides other stakeholders in Indian Agriculture.

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