Article No                                                           Title Download/Author
01 Planning the Agricultural Vision* 01- YK Alagh
02 Input Delivery System in Agriculture including Irrigation and Other Services and their Efficiency: The Role of Finance Sector* 02-Dinesh Kumar
03 Climate Change and Agrarian Systems: Adaptation in Climatically Vulnerable Regions* 03-Nilanjan Ghosh
04 Farm and Non-farm Sector Linkages and Future of Agriculture* 04- S Mahendra Dev
05 Credit and Efficiency in Indian Agriculture: Evidence from Household-Level Data 05-Radheshyam Verma
06 Changing Pattern of Economic Activities in Agricultural Sector and Role of Government Expenditure in India 06-Dipak Mondal
07 Canal Irrigation and Collective Action: The Case of Water User Associations in Southern India 07-AR Durga

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