Article No                                                           Title Download/Author
1 Agricultural Diversification of West Bengal: Nature and Policy Implications Sumana Mukherjee
2 Marketing Efficiency of Milk Marketing Channels in Middle Gujarat and Scope for Its Improvement# Maitri Patel
3 Groundwater Utilisation and Distributional Inequality in India: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis S Kiruthika
4 Trends and Determinants of Farmer Households’ Income in India: A Comprehensive Analysis of SAS Data A. Narayanamoorthy
5 Impact of PMKISAN Scheme on Production and Efficiency of Ragi (Eleusine Coracana) Crop of Tumkur District of Karnataka Pramod Kumar
6 Effects of Income Sources on Inequality among Agricultural Households in North-east India Kamal Vatta

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