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List of Annual Conferences of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics from 1940 to 2015

The Society has held so far 76 Annual Conferences since its inception except in 1942 when the Conference could not be held because of disturbed political conditions. The Conference is held at a different place every year at the request of a university or a research institute which plays the host. The number of papers submitted for discussion at the Conference has steadily gone up from 14 in 1940 to 76 in 1965 and further to over 200 now.
With the increase in the number of participants as well as growing specialisation, it has become necessary in recent years to divide the Conference into subject groups and appoint a Chairman/Reporters for each group. This has improved the intensity and quality of the discussions. The proceedings and the selected papers and their abstracts are published in the Conference Number of the Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics.

There has also been a notable increase in the number of members attending the Conference and the disciplines represented by them. Starting with just 42 in 1940, the number went upto 179 in 1965; and over 300 in 1999. The Membership includes, besides teachers in agricultural economics, agricultural scientists, statisticians, officials from financial institutions, administrators, planners, co-operators, and farmers.

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